Nando de Luca

electric, acoustic, fretless bass, acoustic guitars

Nando de Luca was born on April 29th, 1977, and when he was a child moved to Paris, where he started his musical path. At a first time he studied classical guitar, but soon grab a bass in his hands and never let it down.

After the first musical experiences in France, came back to Milano. Here he studied under Riccardo Fioravanti's guidance and played with a lot of rock live pojects (Iorel Trio, Minute Maid, Bortolussi Orchestra and many others), performing gigs in northern Italy.

Then became member of some bands still in acitivity: Chakrah, Officina Acustica, No Speech and Pino Distaso Quartet, with whom had the occasion to play jazz, jazz-rock, fusion and different styles which let him become an extremely versatile player.

In 2004 joined "Gleba", relevant rock band in the italian scene. With them he recorded two studio album and gigged all over Italy (also as a support act for the highlighted italian rock band Negrita). In 2006 began playing in La Dama Theatre Company's production "RapSUDia 1935", a pi├Ęce written by Max Vergani for which Ettore Salati composed the music, and performing in italian theatres.

Then, in 2008, started working with Ettore, Fabio and Giacomo at the instrumentali progressive rock project SoulenginE, recording all bass lines for "Mind Colours".

He also plays with songwriter Paolo Agosta, recorded his two studio albums, the electrp-pop band Triplo Gioco and is frequently on tour with his official band NoMoreSpeech, which recently released their first heavy rock album that immediately received excellent reviews. 

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