Giacomo Pacini

drums, percussions

Born the 5th of March 1967 in Pistoia, Giacomo starts his training in Perugia with Vincenzo Restuccia, soon followed by master-classes with Giulio Capiozzo (Area) and Tommy Campbell (Miles Davis and many others).

At the age of 21 he moves to Milan, where he studies under the guidance of Ivan Fossati (first percussionist at Orchestra Verdi in Milan) at a first time, and Sergio Pescara in a second one, with whom graduates.

During those years, he works with many cover bands, playing many different styles, from blues to funk, pop, rock, latin and so on: The Woods, The @motion, Diadema, Candy The Ville, The Abraxas and many others, gigging frequently in the best italian venues. With some of them he still perform; morevoer, working with these musicians, starts also collaborating with music schools in North-Italy area.

Apart from these experiences, starts also playing jazz, working with Filippo Bulfamante and Antonella Gianese, and performing all over Italy.

As a session player, Giacomo beat his kits for Aida Cooper, Angela Baggi, Luca Pasqua and many others.

In 2006 meets prog-rock, when SoulenginE are born with his old friend Ettore Salati and new friends Nando de Luca and Fabio Mancini.

Soon devoted to this genre, he plays with Alex Carpani, too, with whom he performed in several gigs of the Waterline Tour 2010 and The Sanctuary Tour 2011 in Italy and abroad, together with Ettore and Fabiano Spiga.

Giacomo lives in Milan, and he's the missing link from prog to jazz which SoulenginE need.